Hi, friends! 

My name is Drew. I love to play the guitar, and I don’t mind writing about it either. 

Like many beginning guitarists, I spent a lot of time fumbling around, practicing without improving very much, getting frustrated, and feeling like I’d never be much of a musician. 

Fortunately, I was able to develop a method that streamlined my progress. This blog is about sharing that method with you.  

In addition to studying the guitar and its music, I also study how to practice in general, and I’m always looking to isolate strategies and mentalities that prove useful for players from all walks of life. 

Because I only started playing in my early twenties, I have a special interest in adult learners on the instrument.

I’m convinced that adults—and not just children—can make huge strides in their guitar playing. 

In my mind, the first and most important step for any struggling adult guitarist is to learn to believe—truly believe—that they can become excellent players. 

Once that belief is present, the physical challenges of guitar playing are easily overcome.

There’s a whole lot more to discuss, so please stay tuned and visit the site often. 

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Best of luck with your guitar playing!