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About Me

I'm a guitarist and teacher from Pittsburgh who wants to help you get your playing to the next level. 

Having only picked up the guitar in my early twenties, I focused on developing a practice strategy that got results quickly. After a few years of experimentation, I finally discovered a fun and effective method.

Now, I'd like to share everything I figured out with you. I hope you enjoy my content and, with any luck, you'll find some of it useful in your own playing! 

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Check Out My New Ebook!

Are you interested in fingerstyle guitar or classical guitar? My new ebook Fingerstyle Fitness lays out 10 simple exercises to help build your guitar chops quickly and efficiently. 

And believe me, this trainnig guide has the potential to revolutionize your guitar playing.

I spent years trying to figure out the best way to develop fingerstyle technique, and these 10 exercises are carefully tuned to maximize your progess with as little effort as possible. 

Do yourself a solid and start on Fingerstyle Fitness today! 

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